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Calling all Side Hustlers, Freelancers, Independent Contractors And Aspiring Entrepreneurs.

The truth is, working on your idea is hard.

Which is why we don’t think you should do it by yourself in a crowded coffee shop, or in your cramped apartment, when you can do it in an oceanfront mansion with peers who will bring out your best.

The Ignition Lab is a 5-Day, all-inclusive, international immersion for 6 unique individuals looking to transform their side hustle from something they’re trying to do, into something that works, while also taking their life stories from “One day I will,” to “Did you hear what I just did?”

It’s where:


You’re too important to be stressed. Come get unstuck, together. That corner table in the coffee shop isn’t always available, but the corner seat of the patio table always is.



You’re a freelancer, a small business owner, an entrepreneur – or someone who aspires to be one of those – and you’re fighting the good fight, alone. You’ve even passed up on some life experiences so that you could be plugged into the never ending hustle.

Bottom-line is,  you are great at what you do. You have skills and services that you know people want.

But there’s one little problem: Your results aren’t reflective of your talents. Talents that you’ve busted your ass building.

What you really want to know is: Will this idea work? How can I make it better? And what are the next steps to take?

Because right now your freelance isn’t getting you paylance
You’re tired of lying about what you’re doing (’cause you’re not exactly doing it)
And if you don’t get a new stamp in your passport, you might just start a riot


The Ignition Lab is not a place to come to be inspired. Inspiration is a prerequisite. You come to The Ignition Lab to enact change in your business, yourself, and in others, while pushing the limits of your comfort zone.

Because inspiration is only as good as the action it stirs. Period.

The Ignition Lab is all about you, and at the same time, it’s all about us.

Because we get no greater joy in life than helping someone else out while also getting help from that very same person. You can see these tenets in books like: Tribal Leadership, Join The Club, The Happiness Advantage, Shiny Objects and Willful Blindness.

The Ignition Lab is not only about self-reliance, self-motivation and self-discovery, it is about the collective journey of 6 people and their stories, their passion projects and their hurdles.

The Lab is about the collective but at the same time, YOU will take center stage.


You Will Be Enrolled At You University.
These workshops are specifically tailored to provide growth and buzz for your venture through our unique methodology. We will cover everything to give you a complete mental & business upgrade such as:


Interactive, Not Passive.
You can interrupt a workshop to ask a question at any time. Individually, you will be 17% of the entire audience so if you have a question to ask during one of the workshops, we’ll surely see your hand (or you can throw a seashell at us) and gladly answer whatever your heart desires.

Your own personal think tank.
Lately, making all the decisions on your own is sprouting a few more gray hairs than you’d like to admit. Relax. You will have dedicated time to present your ideas and struggles each day at the lab. In return, you’ll have 7 teammates loosening up the tension in your shoulders (and your brain)  as we all help you discover the best path for you and your business. Because let’s face it, it just feels good to have other people give a crap about what you’re doing.


Your own board of advisors.
Sometimes you just want to be shielded from the unknowns, and the fears of moving forward, from people who have done it already. You’ll have plenty of dedicated one-on-one time with Ignition Lab co-founders, Antonio Neves & Bassam Tarazi, where we focus 100% on you. Our shields are really strong – and really hard to put in the overhead compartment of a plane incidentally, but don’t worry, we’ll get them there.

Your own scribes.
Don’t you hate it when you hear something great and you forget to write it down? When it’s your turn to present, Antonio and Bassam will fill up your own personal giant Post-Its with all the insights, feedback and ideas you receive. This way you can focus on interacting organically with the group without the fear of that really good idea someone said a few minutes ago about the thing that you knew was great but now you forget it and it’s going to drive you crazy, ever happening.

At the end of the experience, you will leave with enough material and direction to know your immediate next steps to put you in a position to succeed.

Yoga? Yo, go.
You’ve done some fun stuff before but you haven’t done enough stuff that you’ll tell your friends about in 20 years like, “Yoga is so much easier when you’re inhaling air right off the ocean,” or “This one time I was rappelling down a cliff in Nicaragua,” or, “You learned to surf in San Diego? I learned to surf in San Juan Del Sur.” By coming to Nicaragua, you’re not only investing in your company, you’re investing in your life.


Travel = awesome. Planning to travel = not as awesome.
From the driver holding a sign with your name at the airport, to the welcome package waiting for you on your pillow at the mansion, to the meals prepared by our private chef, you’ll be pampered like you deserve to be. You won’t know if you’re in the Great Gatsby, Downton Abbey or The Ignition Lab.

Cannonballs in the pool + Impromptu Dance Parties.
Why? Because it’s our mansion and we can do what we want to.

“Being away from the normal and connecting with others who have completely different backgrounds and interests seemed to push me and my company into an entire new realm. I would do the Ignition Lab again in a heartbeat-seriously.”
Lindsay Amerault, Founder - Radworks Studios




The Ignition Lab is run by two of the most energetic and truth-spitting entrepreneurs this side of Timbuktu. Having facilitated numerous events, workshops and classes at companies, as well as having hosted award shows and spoken at universities, fellow authors and professional development coaches, Bassam Tarazi and Antonio Neves have created an unparalleled experience to provide you with progress.

BTLook Antonio

Ok, we wrote that previous paragraph in the 3rd person because otherwise it would have sounded a bit pompous. But seriously, between us, here are some of our credentials for having the audacity and confidence to put on the Ignition Lab:

“The group dynamic at the Ignition lab really helped me understand some of the key issues and points about my brand and the products that I offer. In the first month since the Lab, I’ve tripled my income.”
Asher Chester, Entrepreneur


Before we get to that, let’s summarize what your spot at the lab gets you.


The value of all of this (depends on if you round the dollar up or down) is somewhere around


But you didn’t come here to digest economic value.


You want to know what you have to pay to receive the Ignition Lab Experience. Well here you go:


That’s it. What do you value your sanity, your business, your progress, your fan club, and your stories?

We’re guessing it’s a lot more than that. Come take center stage. It’s your time.


Here are the 5 most common questions we’ve received and our answers to them.

Question#1: Hidden costs. Come out and show yourself with your hands up!
(Cricket…Cricket.) We’ve worked really hard to be as transparent as possible. Other than your ticket to the Lab (we’ll get to that) and your flight to Managua, you don’t have to pay for anything else. The house, the food, the activities, the workshops, the coaching – everything is covered.

Question #2: Is this one of those workshops that won’t leave me enough time to pee, let alone think?
No. We hate those too.

Our workshops are tailored for action. We don’t leave your brain busting at the seams like an overstuffed burrito while your glassy-eyed self meanders around unsure of what to work on or how to process it. We’re in Nica-freaking-ragua!

Go relax by the pool, take a nap in the hammock, take a quiet walk in our private community, just be. Because to create your best, you have to feel your best.

Question #3: I do things on my own. Why would I need Nicaragua or other people?
You’ve watched TED Talks when you should have been sleeping and your Kindle graveyard is littered with how-to books.

You’ve gotten this far on your own.

We know you don’t need people to get you going but we know that there is nothing better for a personal jumpstart than a change of scenery and rounding up your peers to use their collective genius for 5 days.

The Ignition Lab is about taking focused, logical steps to grow your business. It’s also a place to get you recharged and reignited so that when you do leave, you not only know exactly what you have to do to make it happen, but you also have the reserves in the mental tank to want to make it happen.

Question #4: I know this sounds selfish but how do I know that these other people will provide value to me and my business?
We value our own time as well as yours. In order to be invited to Nicaragua each member goes through an in-depth application process as well as a 30-minute Skype interview with us so that we can get a sense of who you are, what you are working and if you can handle how loud and fired up we can be over Skype.

So we’re the club owner, the bouncers at the door and the custodial staff, essentially.

Question #5: I don’t mean to sound geographically ignorant, but is Nicaragua safe?
Fair question. Your safety is the only thing we take more seriously than your business and your happiness. Here, see what the State Department has to say if you’re concerned. For the most part, one needs to just be smart when traveling whether in your home country or abroad. Surfing in the ocean is ok. Surfing ontop of a moving vehicle? Not so smart. Between the two of us, we have traveled to over 55 countries and have not had any problems. We travel smart.

“The group breakouts were amazing. I walked away with new friendships that are already continuing to help push my company even further since returning. The whole experience was extremely productive, and I’m still surprised from ways I am benefiting!”
Kiersten Lindelef, Founder - 3 Tables


Inspiration is cheap. Conferences shouldn’t just be about who you got to see speak, who you got to talk to, or all the things you said you wanted to do. We want you to move to a point of action. You’re already inspired. You’re now looking to do something more and you don’t want to feel like the only one who’s trying to do it.


It’s not just about getting away, it’s about being blown away.
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Punta Marina 006



“If you want to get more done in the next 4 days, than you did in the past 4 months, you need Bassam. He will push you to achieve more, believe more, and enjoy life more.”
Wayne Mullins - Owner of Ugly Mug Marketing
“Antonio is master facilitator. His leadership and ability to help identify opportunities were instrumental in making my event a success. He asked tough questions and brought out some deeply internalized issues that, when confronted, have made me a better entrepreneur.”
Dario Meli, CEO - Quietly; Co-Founder, Hootsuite & Invoke
“I thought I was well read when it comes to positive and success psychology, until I met Bassam.  He helped expose some of my limiting beliefs.  But more importantly, he held me accountable and sharpened my focus on what it is I said I wanted to do. We hunted for the “whys”, and helped me clear out guilt that was getting in my way.  Bottom line: If your objective is to be a high performer and to leave an astounding legacy, work with Bassam. He cuts out the fluff and gets you to work on you.”
David Maloley, DDS - Founder of Vail Valley Dental Care
“With the skills of a professional moderator, question asker and opportunity identifier, Antonio’s enthusiasm and attention to detail brings the best out of entrepreneurs.”
Greg Isenberg - Serial Entrepreneur
“Working with Bassam was incredible. He helped me organize myself to get through a project that I was not sure I could even accomplish. He taught me to break though hurdles that would have stopped me from working and to use the problems as opportunities to learn and grow. I was not only held accountable but I proactively took a role in what needed to be done without making excuses. I highly recommend anyone working with Bassam on a project, to improve their business or just overall become more accountable in their work.”
Carla Contreras - Chef/Founder of Red Clog Kitchen
“A professional question asker, Antonio asks questions so good that he uncovers important problems people don’t know exist. And then he asks even better ones to drive change towards sharpened skills and overcome hurdles. He is indispensable.”
Maria Springer – Co-Founder, Livelyhoods & Unreasonable Institute Fellow
“Bassam will push you to get results but at the same time, he’s cognizant of life’s roadblocks and how to best handle those moments. He’s about actionable, controllable steps that lead to progress, whatever your goals may be.”
Shir Moscovitz - Owner of Shir Consulting
“Antonio’s vast experience, intuitive intelligence and strategic planning skills offer invaluable insights that have introduced me to my highest potential. I have overcome mental stumbling blocks along my continued path to success and the personal breakthroughs Antonio has helped me actualize are addicting. After each of our sessions my head is clear, my spirit is uplifted and I feel as though I can take over the world.”
Elaine Welteroth - Senior Beauty Editor, Glamour Magazine

A spark creates inspiration but only an ignition creates change.

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