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You’re a freelancer, a small business owner, an independent contractor, a 9-5er with a side hustle, an aspiring entrepreneur – or someone who yearns to be one of those – and right now you’re lonely and you’re stuck.

The truth is, working on your idea is hard. Which is why we don’t think you should do it by yourself in a crowded coffee shop or in your cramped apartment.

The Ignition Lab is a place where you come to be supported, to give support, to learn and to take action. It’s where the social currency isn’t about being cool, it’s about moving forward with the support of others, while you support others doing the same.

Through one-day events in major cities to the 5-day international immersion, The Ignition Lab was created because we is stronger than me, and us is more important than you.


The Ignition Lab is run by two of the most energetic and truth-spitting entrepreneurs this side of Timbuktu. Having facilitated numerous events, workshops and classes at companies, as well as having hosted award shows and spoken at universities, fellow authors and professional development coaches, Bassam Tarazi and Antonio Neves have created an unparalleled experience to provide you with progress.


Ok, we wrote that previous paragraph in the 3rd person because otherwise it would have sounded a bit pompous. But seriously, between us, here are some of our credentials for having the audacity and confidence to put on the Ignition Lab:

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